Philly Underground Rapper K Dot chats with Purple Queen at PQradio1 Studios!!





Many of you have been asking us to ask the Mayor about the gun violence in Philly so after the Apprenticeship Press conference with Councilwoman Blackwell we caught up with Mayor Kenney @phillymayor to discuss his thoughts on the rise in gun violence in Philadelphia.

So panhandling is a problem in the City of Philadelphia and nationally. We asked Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell Do we stop giving to the Panhandlers?? The City is trying to attack this problem with a text option. Text 80077 or Share it will allow you to donate $5 to support housing, jobs, and services for the homeless. What do you think?


We caught up with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney during story time at Smith’s Park to talk about bringing music programs back into Philadelphia schools. We also talked about what the citizens of Philly should to stay healthy and support the sugary drink tax at the same time.

Video by Thomas Blackwell


COUNCILMAN CURTIS JONES JR dropped by PQRADIO1.COM to talk about his current agenda for the Fourth District, Philadelphia as a whole, and the Trump factor.  We discussed how his agenda affects youth recreation and the Hip Hop community.

Video By Thomas Blackwell


TERRI COUSER Credit Repair Specialist dropped by A Moment With Purple to give us life tips on financial life repair, the importance of credit and how to improve it Consulting, Awareness, Rediness, & Education for more info

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SHENNA E. Creator & Host of Business, Fun, & Beauty award winning self-proclaimed “Author-Preneur” mother and celebrity makeup artist.  She dropped by to talk to us about her empire and life with Autism.