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January 30th  2020
Stylez OF Porscha 
chef chris cho
Urban Culture Tv HOST OF OUTCHA LEAGUE SPORTS Myles P & Matt Norwood

Oucha League Sports
This is by far one of the most entertaining sports podcast straight out of Philly. From
local to international sports even fantasy sports …….. Keeping up to date with the
latest sports news, not just your daily news.
Inviting guest live, call ins, from all over. Not just social media you can catch us
anywhere, anytime from tailgate interviews, to the parking lot at the grocery store etc..
There are no limits here, of how to tune in. Be a live, guest, call in, follow us on social
The real is here Oucha League Sports Podcast inspired by growing up playing sports,
watching sports since youth, loving, learning, and gaining knowledge of all sports.
Consuming different
Outcha League sports podcast
Urban Culture at Love & Hip hop Bianca Listing party
Urban Culture at Love & Hip hop Bianca Listing party
Chef Chris Cho

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